Monday, October 1, 2018
Michael Stone Online


10 Essential Steps for Applying to Grad School (—Now that you’ve decided a graduate degree is right for you, here are 10 steps on how to get there.

Community Looks to Revive Prayer (Chattanooga Times Free Press)—Circled around the pavilion at Veterans Memorial Park in Soddy-Daisy on Wednesday evening, a crowd of several hundred listened as preachers and musicians conveyed the need for a “revival” of prayer in the area.

East Ridge Discusses Plans for Former School (Chattanooga Times Free Press)—If something does happen to the defunct McBrien Elementary School building, East Ridge resident Beth Tatum has one request.

East Ridge High Student Dies After JROTC Training (Chattanooga Times Free Press)—A 17-year-old female student at East Ridge High School died Tuesday after collapsing during physical training with the school’s Junior ROTC program.

For UF’s Most Venerable Worker, Retirement Is Simply a No (Senior Times)—Elizabeth Jones walked into the welfare office in Gainesville for her second day at the location since being transferred from Chiefland. As with her first day, the atmosphere didn’t seem like a good fit for the 19-year-old stenographer — and neither did the “cell with a light bulb” that was her workspace.

Looking for Employment in ‘a Tight Industry’ (Daily News Journal)—By his sophomore year of high school, Zach Sensabaugh had his life planned out. He wanted to work as an audio engineer and spend decades worth of late nights behind a console of buttons that some might think looks more like the first computer than a music maker.

School Board Member, State Rep. Clash Over Charter Amendment (Patch)—State Rep. Ed Setzler’s main argument Tuesday night in favor of the proposed charter school amendment was choice—allowing parents to pull their children out of failing traditional public schools to attend charter ones.

Southern Adventist Student in Finals of ‘Jeopardy!’ (Chattanooga Times Free Press)—Hans von Walter already knows this week’s “Jeopardy! College Championship” winner since the competition was taped in October. But be patient, he said, because contractually he can’t discuss the outcome before airtime.

The Business of College (Sidelines)—The average salary for a professor in the College of Business teaching during the 2008-09 school year is more than $30,000 higher than the average pay for professors in the other four main college at MTSU.

Tuskegee Airmen Teach Students Perseverance (Patch)—They grin and joke about how they’re going to charge a quarter for every autograph—and if they were serious and Monday morning was any indication of volume, they’d certainly be millionaires. But what has made them famous and what they can nostalgically jest about now hasn’t always been something that draws smiles. “I broke down at a school last year,” said 81-year-old Master Sgt. W.O. Smith, one of about 300 Tuskegee Airmen still living. “I started thinking about some of the bad things. It just hit me. That’s why we don’t like to talk about the war; we try to keep everything positive.”

What Happened When American States Tried Providing Tuition-Free College (TIME magazine)—Last March, the Federal Reservereported student debt across the U.S. at about $1.2 trillion. Meanwhile, more than two-thirds of new alumni have debt, at an average of $35,000 per graduate. Such problems are hot issues in the current presidential race, with Sen. Bernie Sanders proposing perhaps the most sweeping solution: free tuition at all U.S. public colleges. For some today, that plan might seem radical, but free tuition isn’t unheard of.