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Funny Mess-Ups: ‘Pitons,’ ‘The Font Line,’ Davis Doubled

We all make writing and other content mistakes, and sometimes funnily so. Certainly more fun, though, is catching others’ mistakes. Below is my running list of screenshots and photos of errors I catch — created for fun and not to be mean, from one mistake-maker to the next. Do you [...]

April 2, 2023 admin Journalism/Communications, Photo, Tech 0

Others Could Sing ‘Higher’ on Ed Sullivan, Just Not Jim Morrison

Recently, while learning the guitar chords to The Mamas & the Papas’ “Creeque Alley,” I listened to the group’s 1967 performance of the song on the Ed Sullivan Show. As the four harmonized, some of the lyrics stuck out because they reminded me of The Doors’ infamous appearance. Those lyrics, [...]

February 21, 2022 admin Music & Arts, Reflections, Tech 0

Where’s That Viagra for Memory?

Nearly 20 years later, we’re still searching for the little blue pill for learning. [...]

June 25, 2018 admin Health, Journalism/Communications, Tech 0

Opioid Alternatives Making Headway But Won’t Lead To Full Phase-out, Physicians Say

As the U.S. continues to struggle with its growing opiate-painkiller problem (33,000 deaths in 2015, the most ever, and an annual $78.5 billion price tag on abuse), physicians and policymakers are ramping up their pushes on alternatives for patients seeking pain relief. In 2016, St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center — [...]

August 28, 2017 admin Health, Journalism/Communications, Tech 0

Where’s the Lab-Grown Beef?

More than a decade ago, Discover covered the concept of a coffee-maker-like device that could, overnight, turn a few animal muscle stem cells into a nice hunk of meat. The July 2006 story, “The Way of All Flesh,” explains the vision of biologist Vladimir Mironov: Those muscle cells would be [...]

August 18, 2017 admin Health, Tech, Vegan Living 0

Telehealth Finds Niche in Improving Long-Term Care

In long-term-care settings — where help with the everyday is needed by the disabled and chronically ill but especially older adults — health care costs tend to boom. On top of the $248 daily price tag as of 2012 for a private room in a nursing home, for example, the [...]

January 16, 2017 admin Health, Journalism/Communications, Tech 0