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Alternative Food Diets: Vegan, Paleo, Raw Pros and Cons

— These days, there seems to be a diet for almost any food-related goal — mainly for heath reasons like weight loss, increased energy and body building, but also for ethical reasons such as animal rights and environmental stewardship. Explore the pros and cons for three of the most popular ones [...]

February 14, 2016 admin Health, Journalism/Communications, Travel & Culture, Vegan Living 0

10 Surprise Celebrity Vegans

Whew, I’ve been so consumed by grad skool this semester that it’s sometimes hard to remember to breathe (hence the unfortunately stale homepage of yours truly’s blog). But I did want to take some time to relay something that I’ve been noticing more and more: celebrities who are taking a stand [...]

October 9, 2014 admin Nature & Wildlife, Vegan Living 0

Vegan Cooking Ideas: How to Make Pesto with Arugula and Cashews (VIDEO)

Recipe by Hannah Brown This is a quick and easy recipe with bold, intense flavor that makes a great addition to any meal. The raw garlic and mass of hearty greens make me feel awake and alive, and the cashews comfort. There has even been evidence showing cashews help combat depression. [...]

August 12, 2014 admin Travel & Culture, Vegan Living 3