Saturday, July 20, 2024
Michael Stone Online


Since Bursting the Bubble is still in the querying stage, readers have mostly been friends and acquaintances. But their feedback has nonetheless been honest, and their compliments and criticisms have been constructive. Here is what they had to say unedited.

“Author Michael Stone wastes no time to propel the reader into the action of his political sci-fi drama, Bursting the Bubble. The story opens in the battered landscape of a post-invasion U.S., a battle lost with the Chinese after the competing power invaded to collect land for unpaid debts. The people of the U.S. were completely unprepared for the attack, but military technology advanced just in time to send Allan Hassen, an heroic specimen, back to the year 2005. Allan commandeers an unknown man’s identity and works his way up the political ladder, driven to break the country free from the stifling education legislation, the Every Child Must Succeed Act. This alone is the key to keeping the U.S. from becoming embroiled in war.

Stone’s descriptions are vivid and engaging. His characters are emotionally ragged, consistently battling their most tender and human thoughts. Allan’s loss of his family and only love, a woman who seems to completely encompass the ideals of purity and innocence, make this story humanistic and heart-wrenching. Stone’s phrasing is detailed and effortless. His language effectively straddles the line between genuine discussions of truth and wry, Vonnegutesque exposure of the materialistic ignorance of American society.

Overall the story is well crafted and honest. As Stone’s first novel, it bodes well for future for this young writer. The intricacy with which he weaves political disparity, romantic longing and warlike brutality make for an engaging study of American society and its oppression of human potential.”
Hannah B.

“LOVED your book! I’m super tired today from not sleeping much because I just couldn’t stop reading it until I was finished! You’ve definitely got a niche for writing.”
Anna H.

“I finished your book yesterday! And you need to hurry up and get it published so I can buy a whole bunch of copies.”
Emma S.

“Michael, Your book was AMAZING! I could not put it down for three days straight! I need book number 2 soon! Don’t make me hunt you down to write it for me! I expect it by next month or else.”
Katie B.

“Michael! I just finished your book! I finished it in less than 3 days because I couldn’t put it down. Love it.”
Leah L.