Friday, June 14, 2024
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5 Tips for Stopping Insider Threats (iboss cybersecurity blog)—Employers bring on people who have the skills, who have the certifications, who often have longevity in the field, and who they think they can trust. But in an increasingly complex, globalized, ruthless world, the trust portion is becoming harder and harder to find — and when a breach happens, the company has to scramble to reassemble the wreckage.

From Joystick to Job: Gamers Provide Recruitment Base for Cybersecurity Shortfall (iboss cybersecurity blog)—IT giant Cisco figured that, as of 2014, the world would be short 1 million cybersecurity pros to fend off the constant threat of online attackers, who seem to grow in number and sophistication by the minute. Meanwhile, as many as 1.2 billion people were estimated by Spil Games to be video-game players by the end of 2013. Related numbers?

Jones Edmunds Secures $20M Contract Renewal from NASA (Gainesville Sun)—NASA has re-upped its contract with Gainesville-based civil engineering firm Jones Edmunds for work primarily on the space agency’s Space Launch System manned deep-space program.

Lessons for the Tech-Minded (Gainesville Sun)—As classrooms continue to move from traditional to virtual, one new Gainesville online company is making waves by reporting more than $1 million in profits in its first year. Under the company name EdutainmentLIVE, the website takes a lesson from the playbook of — a popular software-training site — in offering premium instruction to paid subscribers. The difference is that ITProTV is solely for information technology professionals, and it resembles a talk show instead of a screencast with a voiceover.

Peerfly’s CEO ‘Still in Awe’ Over Success (Gainesville Sun)—Chad French started with a domain name and an idea. He didn’t have a high school or college education, but he did have years worth of experience in self-taught Internet developing. With the last strands of revenue from a previous online venture depleted, the Lake Butler native used his unemployment check to pay for his new business model’s only expense — $30 for Web hosting for a URL ( he had purchased for a previous idea.

Revamping In Store for Powder Springs Website (Patch)—Powder Springs’ Web presence is about to undergo construction. The City Council agreed on Monday to pay the city’s current website provider, CivicPlus, slightly more than $1,000 extra a year—from $4,944 to $5,988—for a website upgrade and continued maintenance.

Using Public WiFi? Protect Yourself from Attacks First (iboss cybersecurity blog)—The coffee-drinking, frequent-flying, hotel-sleeping faithful that depends on businesses offering free WiFi might already know it, but let’s have TechQuickie’s Linus Sebastian remind us: “Public WiFi is about as secure as a screen door — made of cheese.” An exaggeration? Maybe.

Where’s the Lab-Grown Beef? (Discover magazine)—More than a decade ago, Discover covered the concept of a coffee-maker-like device that could, overnight, turn a few animal muscle stem cells into a nice hunk of meat.