Monday, October 1, 2018
Michael Stone Online

Transportation & Travel

Cleveland Owed $113,000 in Unpaid Camera Tickets (Chattanooga Times Free Press)—The amount of money in unpaid traffic light camera tickets owed to Cleveland is about 10 times what the city made from the cameras when they were operational.

Irma Floodwaters Could Shut Down Part of I-75 (WUFT News)—Florida transportation officials are preparing for the likely closure today of Interstate 75 north of Gainesville as waters from the Santa Fe River are expected to continue to rise and make the road unsafe.

Old Chattanooga Airport Search Video in News Again (Chattanooga Times Free Press)—Chattanooga airport spokeswoman Christina Siebold jokingly blamed “the magic of the Internet” as the reason she started receiving calls Monday. They were from local news stations, CNN, The Associated Press and other media inquiring about a years-old airport security incident.

Red Light Cameras Could Start Snapping in Powder Springs (Patch)—Those zipping through intersections to beat red lights in Powder Springs could be paying a price for their lead feet.

Roundabouts Among Possible Powder Springs Intersection Improvements (Patch)—Four intersections have been targeted by Powder Springs officials as top priorities for reconfiguring, and one of them could have a big chunk paid for by the federal government.

Study: Quarter of Area Fliers Use Gainesville Airport (Gainesville Sun)—Gainesville Regional Airport officials knew they served an average of 507 passengers a day. But the unknown was how many area fliers instead were choosing Jacksonville, Orlando and other airports. That total is 1,511, according to a study just wrapped up by Sixel Consulting, meaning about 25 percent of the area’s 2,018 daily fliers go with the Gainesville airport.

Trains at Brownsville Crossing Might Be Hushed (Patch)—It seems impossible to live in Powder Springs and not frequently see, hear or feel the rumble of the trains that cross over Brownsville Road downtown. “Any length of time you spend at City Hall, you can hear the train go by and blow the whistle, which they’re required to do” to alert drivers, Mayor Pat Vaughn said during Monday’s City Council meeting. But because of disturbances to homes near the tracks, the city is working to wave that requirement and make the Brownsville Road crossing a “silent crossing.”

Travel Expected High for Thanksgiving (Chattanooga Times Free Press)—At 10:52 a.m. today, Melinda Carson will join the ranks of Americans heading toward distant family for Thanksgiving as she departs from Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport.

Two Rolls Across the Interstate and I’m Glad to Be Alive (Patch)—When you switch lanes in hopes of going faster, the new one always seems to slow down as soon as you cross over. Immediately after I moved into the far right lane on Interstate 20 near the Thornton Road exit Tuesday, the line of cars practically stopped—at the head of the line, an 18-wheeler was slowly chugging up the incline of the road. But the slow-go was soon to be the least of my worries.