Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Michael Stone Online

From Joystick to Job: Gamers Provide Recruitment Base for Cybersecurity Shortfall

IT giant Cisco figured that, as of 2014, the world would be short 1 million cybersecurity pros to fend off the constant threat of online attackers, who seem to grow in number and sophistication by the minute. Meanwhile, as many as 1.2 billion people were estimated by Spil Games to be video-game players by the end of 2013.

Related numbers? Superficially somewhat: Both groups do carry the stereotype of being more connected to screens than most other things. But there’s a push to more tightly join them; to unify them under the same flag; to, specifically, make gaming a training and recruitment tool for the cybersecurity community — much as has been speculated with first-person shooters and the military.

Read the full article on the iboss cybersecurity blog.


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