Saturday, July 20, 2024
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ZocDoc’s Patient-First Philosophy Clicks with Users and Their Physicians

When Randye Karmin, MD, opened a new ob-gyn office in Miami in 2010, the patient load wasn’t exactly a problem, but she did want to find a way to invite in at least a little more business.

She and her husband had moved to the city with their two children from nearby Boca Raton, where Karmin opened another ob-gyn practice, Boca Women’s Health, four years earlier. With two open offices, patients in Miami hadn’t climbed to a point that would prevent her from working at both.

Karmin took out print ads for the new office, Miami Women Care, and tried Web-based publicity, too. But the business didn’t see any substantial upticks until she tried one particular method for exposure, a doctor-patient connection website and phone app called ZocDoc.

Read the full story in LeadDoc medical journal.

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