Saturday, July 20, 2024
Michael Stone Online

In Photos: Crazier COVID Times

While going through my older iPhone photos, I realized quite a few were of our strange surroundings and circumstances from the strictest COVID times during 2020. May they not return.

Bare shelves at a Publix
March 15, 2020

Colbert’s first at-home show
March 18, 2020

News coverage
March–July, 2020


Waiting in the capacity line at the gym
March 20, 2020


The Trump administration’s coronavirus mailer
March 26, 2020

Waiting in the grocery store line
April 1, 2020


Toilet paper shelves
May 24, 2020


Restaurant table
July 17, 2020


Mask sign
Aug. 9, 2020


High Dive music venue
Aug. 15, 2020


Gainesville Health & Fitness


A business sign


Celebrating a health care worker


A vaccination site

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