Saturday, July 20, 2024
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My New Year’s Resolutions….from When I Was 5


Being home at the ‘rents house for the holidays is an annual immersion in nostalgia. Childhood photos on the walls. Boxes of preteen clothes in the closet. Maybe your old bedroom hasn’t been converted into a guestroom—yet.

One item that always sticks out most to me has hung on the refrigerator for 20-plus years: my New Year’s resolutions from when I was in kindergarten at Bright School in Chattanooga.

On it are various splatters from years of stove cooking, and it was obviously printed by one of those printers that loudly struggles to write every line.

My goals for 1993:

  1. Do my home chores. (I don’t know that I’m the most speedy, but I’ve got this one down pat.)
  1. Read a lot. (Check and check.)
  1. Brush my teeth. (I’ll say this much: I don’t have any cavities.)
  1. Be good. (I try.)
  1. Be good to my cats. (They’re too cute not to.)

Not being a resolution guy myself, I might take up these just to say, “I’ve kept up my New Year’s resolutions for more than 20 years.” Wouldn’t be a lie, so I’d still be good.

Here’s to 2015!

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