Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Before Having Gainesville’s First Integrated Waiting Room, Doctor Soldiered in the Air and Sea

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These days, at 90 years old, Dr. Edward Kissam doesn’t remember too well. But by his side, his longtime companion and his daughter help guide the memories, articulating the accomplishments of a man, a soldier, a peacemaker, a casual poet who has seen the tragedies of war, the triumphs of evolving medicine and, perhaps most meaningful to the Florida faithful, the foundation of Gator football glory.

Shortening Kissam’s life to specific labels would mean calling him North Central Florida’s first orthopedic surgeon, the first doctor in Gainesville to integrate the waiting room, a small player in the development of the sports drink Gatorade, and a World War II seaman and later flyer.

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