Thursday, November 26, 2015
Michael Stone Online
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A Cure for Brain Cancer Might Come from Within

— Along Newell Drive on the University of Florida campus, at the bottom of a rare steep slope in Gainesville, [More...]

October 20, 2015 Health, Journalism/Communications
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From Iceland to Iwo and a Nixon Encounter, Marine Trudged Through World War II

— Gathered around the island of Iwo Jima are many American ships, the total climbing to almost 500, and aboard [More...]

October 17, 2015 History, Journalism/Communications
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‘I’m No Hero. The Heroes Are Still There.’

— The Sirius station devoted to Frank Sinatra croons in the dark house — the lamps are set to switch [More...]

October 13, 2015 History, Journalism/Communications

Sailor Helped Carry Lost Sullivan Brothers’ Memory Through World War II

On a pleasant weekday afternoon in his humble, charming Gainesville home, Robert McAlpine flips through a portfolio of drawings finished [More...]

October 11, 2015 History

ZocDoc’s Patient-First Philosophy Clicks with Users and Their Physicians — When Randye Karmin, MD, opened a new ob-gyn office in Miami in 2010, the patient load wasn’t [More...]

October 9, 2015 Business, Health, Tech
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Developing an Eye for Detail with Art and Science

On the first day of class, Paula Trepman is skeptical. Before her is Thomas E. Hill’s 1878 painting Palo Alto Spring, [More...]

October 8, 2015 Health, Music & Arts