Friday, July 21, 2017
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Marty Jourard, One of Gainesville’s Made-It Rockers, Chronicles the Petty Days

Anyone who has called Gainesville home for even the briefest glimpse has likely heard the scattered icons that the city contributed to rock ‘n’ roll. Among the most recognizable: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Eagles guitarists Don Felder and Bernie [...]

October 13, 2016 Journalism/Communications, Music & Arts, Photo

Pearl Harbor Survivor Who Later Soothed Soldiers with Music on Guadalcanal Recalls the Attack

Francis “Dutch” Scholtz played a late gig with his dance band that Saturday at an officers club and didn’t get back to his barracks until 1 a.m. This was nothing new for the skilled pianist and private in the U.S. [...]

October 5, 2016 History, Journalism/Communications, Photo

Industry Growth Propels Need for Physician Recruitment, Retention

U.S. job growth over the next eight years is expected to be spearheaded by health care. From 2014 to 2024, service jobs are predicted to account for almost 95 percent of all new ones in the U.S. — a total [...]

August 30, 2016 Health, Journalism/Communications

As Three Systems Install ‘Volume Pledge,’ Others Watching for Its Outcomes

More than a year ago, three academic-based health systems announced that their surgeons would be allowed to perform certain procedures only if they did a sufficient number of such procedures annually. Known as the “volume pledge” and adopted by the [...]

August 25, 2016 Health, Journalism/Communications

From Joystick to Job: Gamers Provide Recruitment Base for Cybersecurity Shortfall

IT giant Cisco figured that, as of 2014, the world would be short 1 million cybersecurity pros to fend off the constant threat of online attackers, who seem to grow in number and sophistication by the minute. Meanwhile, as many as [...]

August 20, 2016 Business, Journalism/Communications, Tech

New Species Added: Eastern Lubber Grasshopper—Juvenile (Romalea Guttata)

Click photos to enlarge. Species are in alphabetical order and have an IUCN classification of “Least Concern” unless noted. Species and subspecies are identified by two- and three-word scientific names, respectively. All photos are by Michael Stone and are available [...]

August 10, 2016 Nature & Wildlife, Photo, Travel & Culture