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Computing a healthier future: Biomedical informatics rising at UF

  A Star Trek-like device that can monitor and diagnose your health while you’re on the go. A prescription that truly factors in “you” (your medical records, genetics, behavior, and community) when choosing the right medicine and dosage. A supercomputer, much like IBM’s Watson of Jeopardy! fame, able to easily [...]

August 6, 2015 admin Health, Journalism/Communications, Tech 0

From support role, vet saw joys and horrors of World War II

— Bob Overton and three other members of the 217th Military Police Company settle down for the night in a hotel lounge just over the German border. Behind them: the 10-months-long trail of bloodshed that expelled Nazi power from France and the Low Countries. Suddenly, two infantrymen stomp drunkenly into the hotel and start to smash glass [...]

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Adobe Media Encoder ‘Not Currently Encoding’: How to fix Adobe Media Encoder

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Nazi death train at Farsleben: ‘They were next to skeletons’ (WWII oral history)

Frank Towers, a 97-year-old World War II veteran and one of the main subjects in my “Christmas at War” story from last year, witnessed two major but largely untold events from the Eastern Front. The first was U.S. air forces accidentally bombing their own troops at Malmedy, Belgium, in the confusion [...]

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Michigan State launches medical exchange with Mexico — In January, representatives from Michigan State University and its longtime partner in hospital education, Sparrow Health System, landed in Merida, the capital of the Mexican state of Yucatan. One of the first things they noticed was the care given to keeping the city squeaky clean. “The minute we [...]

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Saving Florida’s Water: As struggles deepen, opportunities abound to ensure future for our rivers and springs

— When Getzen Fowler started working maintenance at Poe Springs in 1951 for 23 cents an hour, it was vastly different than today. The park, then privately owned, had a boardwalk, a concession stand, changing houses and diving boards, said 75-year-old Fowler, who has lived in and around the nearby [...]

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