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News Articles Once Included Women’s Weight

In doing some research for a class project, I came across an interesting article from the Dec. 19, 1944, issue of the Stars and Stripes military newspaper. In it, then-LSU President W.B. Hatcher gives a student, Gloria Jeanne Heller, the boot from the school for creating a leaflet about “the [...]

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Bernie Machen, U. Florida President, Accepts #IceBucketChallenge on First Day of School

Today is a good first day of school. As soon as I got on the campus of the University of Florida, I saw President Bernie Machen getting ice water dumped on his head by the football team’s quarterback, Jeff Driskel, and volleyball player Simone Antwi. This comes after me and [...]

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The Best #IceBucketChallenge Video. Now Will U. Florida President Bernie Machen Accept the Challenge?

My friend and fellow University of Florida graduate student Keran Billaud asked for volunteers to dump ice water on him for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, so of course I stepped up to the plate. Me and another grad student, Aqsa Bashir, poured three coolers worth from the upper deck of UF’s [...]

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I Made It into Sports Illustrated (Can You Spot Me?)

My first year of going to Gator games was much different than my time at MTSU—the bouts were more intense, the stadium far more packed, and the fans exponentially more passionate. It was disappointing that the UF football team had its worst record since 1979 and, in falling to Georgia Southern, its [...]

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My Tweet that Blew Up on Twitter (for Reasons Unknown)

— Just when you think you understand Twitter… I recently made a post that mysteriously set what I figure is a personal record for retweets and favorites (since, in this 21st century world, such things are important):  “I don’t want to be a millionaire; I just want to be on @Jeopardy.” [...]

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How to Become a Journalist: 5 Big Steps to Starting, and Skyrocketing, a Career

__ The image of a writer: a moneyless starver, compiling newspaper obits just for crackers and bill appeasement, toiling at barrel’s bottom with all the traveling musicians and junkyard painters. Though I doubt you’ve met an alleged writer in such dire straits, it’s easy to conjure such a stereotype. “There just [...]

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