Monday, July 22, 2024
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WWII Fighter Pilot Chances Death in Japanese Skies and Later Becomes Local Leader

Anna Ebersole and her husband, Bill, settle into chairs along their dining table, freshly clear of newspaper and mail to provide a blank field for photo albums, commemorative military caps, a .50 caliber bullet, and other war souvenirs that reflect a time when Bill was a mere teenager playing fighter pilot.

Behind them, among the many trinkets on the hutch, is a winking Yoda figurine atop the inscription “YODA’ MAN!” Lying on the floor nearby is a live Yoda, the 11-year-old schnauzer, who hasn’t been the same since becoming diabetic.

“I never did know dogs could get diabetes,” Bill explains. “But anyway, he’s diabetic, and he has to have insulin twice a day.”

Read the full article in Senior Times magazine.

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