Friday, July 19, 2024
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Tennessee’s Medical Society Helps Members Take the Leadership Reins

When physicians’ decade-plus of post-secondary education and training leaves gaps in non-clinical topics, Dave Chaney sees an opportunity for state medical societies —often the largest professional organizations for physicians at the state level — to step up and fill them in.

And this is sometimes nowhere more important, he said, than physician leadership: doctors participating in more administrative duties outside the examination or operating room.

To give physicians a leg up in these decision-making leadership roles, one state medical society, the Tennessee Medical Association, began offering training in the area almost a decade ago and graduated its most recent classes on July 15.

“Medical schools have a lot to teach during a physician’s or an inspiring physician’s tenure there,” said Chaney, a TMA spokesman. “But I think partly it’s more the role of the state medical society to offer these types of programs because of the nature of our position in staying aware of heath care trends, being involved and engaged in a number of different areas from legislative and legal and regulatory to continuing medical education.”

Read the full article in the Physician Leadership Library.


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