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MBL Journalism Program: Giving Science Writers a Fresh Start at Science

The Marine Biological Laboratory, founded in 1888 in the small coastal town of Woods Hole, Massachusetts, was kind enough to select me as a 2016 Logan Science Journalism Program biomedical fellow. MBL’s campus is hallowed ground among many scientific communities, with 56 Nobel Laureates having an MBL affiliation. The town of [...]

May 28, 2016 admin Health, Journalism/Communications, Travel & Culture 0

Swimming Offers Workout that Doesn’t Discriminate Against Age, Disability or Weight

— Bill Alderson has had a heart attack, a stroke and, since about three years ago, a virus that paralyzes half of his diaphragm. Now 80, he has been a swimmer since he was 6, doing so competitively in high school and in the Marines, and recreationally for exercise — [...]

February 17, 2016 admin Health, Journalism/Communications, Sports 0

Alternative Food Diets: Vegan, Paleo, Raw Pros and Cons

— These days, there seems to be a diet for almost any food-related goal — mainly for heath reasons like weight loss, increased energy and body building, but also for ethical reasons such as animal rights and environmental stewardship. Explore the pros and cons for three of the most popular ones [...]

February 14, 2016 admin Health, Journalism/Communications, Travel & Culture, Vegan Living 0

A Cure for Brain Cancer Might Come from Within

— Along Newell Drive on the University of Florida campus, at the bottom of a rare steep slope in Gainesville, stands an imposing, six-story structure in which minds of great intelligence study the mind, hoping to make life better — or longer — for those suffering from mental illness or [...]

October 20, 2015 admin Health, Journalism/Communications 0

ZocDoc’s Patient-First Philosophy Clicks with Users and Their Physicians — When Randye Karmin, MD, opened a new ob-gyn office in Miami in 2010, the patient load wasn’t exactly a problem, but she did want to find a way to invite in at least a little more business. She and her husband had moved to the city with [...]

October 9, 2015 admin Business, Health, Tech 0

Developing an Eye for Detail with Art and Science

On the first day of class, Paula Trepman is skeptical. Before her is Thomas E. Hill’s 1878 painting Palo Alto Spring, depicting a get-together of the affluent Stanford family on its farm, the future site of the university bearing the family’s name. First, Trepman and other students in the class silently [...]

October 8, 2015 admin Health, Music & Arts 0