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Q&A: Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author Delves into 1949 ‘Groveland Boys’ Case

Many believe the Groveland Boys were innocent, and today, city and county governments, the Florida Senate and concerned citizens are pushing for the state to apologize, exonerate and pardon the four. In light of that effort, Gilbert King — author of the Pulitzer-Prize-winningDevil in the Grove: Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, [...]

July 13, 2016 admin History, Journalism/Communications, Music & Arts 0

Fate Guides Combat Engineer Safely Through World War II and Gives Growth into Manhood

Inside the towering stack of retirement-community condos, through the hotel-like lobby with no desk clerk, up the elevator with a pin-your-own-announcement bulletin board, down the hallway with pictures, American flags and other personal flair at the thresholds, and beyond one door is probably the most well-organized of all the condos, [...]

June 27, 2016 admin History, Journalism/Communications, Photo 0

My Father’s Day Story: Dynamite, the Army, and the Rural Mountains

It’s funny to learn about how the course of your life changed before you were even born. My grandfather, his brother, two cousins, and two friends were bored on Halloween 1959, so they decided to use dynamite to blow up the backdoor (right) on Little Pine Elementary School in the rural [...]

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WWII Fighter Pilot Chances Death in Japanese Skies and Later Becomes Local Leader

Anna Ebersole and her husband, Bill, settle into chairs along their dining table, freshly clear of newspaper and mail to provide a blank field for photo albums, commemorative military caps, a .50 caliber bullet, and other war souvenirs that reflect a time when Bill was a mere teenager playing fighter [...]

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What Happened When American States Tried Providing Tuition-Free College

Last March, the Federal Reserve reported student debt across the U.S. at about $1.2 trillion. Meanwhile, more than two-thirds of new alumni have debt, at an average of $35,000 per graduate. Such problems are hot issues in the current presidential race, with Sen. Bernie Sanders proposing perhaps the most sweeping solution: [...]

May 2, 2016 admin History, Journalism/Communications 0

World War II Airman Readied Planes for D-Day, Other Major Operations

On Ponce de Leon Avenue in Lake City, Carlos Crews lives on a mini farm, complete with donkeys, goats, geese, chickens, ducks, oranges, lemons and alligators, if you count the one that once snuck into the pond. Crews has owned the property since 1964, and family and friends now help [...]

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