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The Real Slaughterhouse Five (in photos)

A G.I. taken prisoner in the Battle of the Bulge, Kurt Vonnegut was held by the Germans in Schlachthof Fünf, or Slaughterhouse Five, an actual slaughterhouse in the eastern German city of Dresden. This prison acted as a shelter for Vonnegut and other American prisoners when Allied planes bombed the city [...]

January 8, 2015 admin History, Photo, Travel & Culture 0

My New Year’s Resolutions….from When I Was 5

Being home at the ‘rents house for the holidays is an annual immersion in nostalgia. Childhood photos on the walls. Boxes of preteen clothes in the closet. Maybe your old bedroom hasn’t been converted into a guestroom—yet. One item that always sticks out most to me has hung on the [...]

January 1, 2015 admin History, Reflections 0

News Articles Once Included Women’s Weight

In doing some research for a class project, I came across an interesting article from the Dec. 19, 1944, issue of the Stars and Stripes military newspaper. In it, then-LSU President W.B. Hatcher gives a student, Gloria Jeanne Heller, the boot from the school for creating a leaflet about “the [...]

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Korean War Vet Duane Dewey Got a Medal of Honor for Doing What?!

  Last Veterans Day, in 2013, I attended Alachua County’s ceremony for our Armed Forces. The community has the privilege of being home to one of the 79 living recipients of the Medal of Honor, Marine Cpl. Duane Dewey, of Hawthorne, Fla. How Dewey, now 82, earned this distinction seems certainly enough—and [...]

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PHOTOS: WWII Battle Damage Remains in Berlin

— Berlin, Germany’s capital city and the second largest in the European Union by population with 3.5 million inhabitants, has visibly lifted itself out of the darkness of the past century. Restoration projects have repaired or rebuilt much of what Allied bombing raids and the Battle of Berlin wrecked. But in [...]

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