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30 Onion Headlines: Family’s Late-Sleeper Becomes Morning Champion in Vacation Time Change

Who doesn’t love The Onion’s headlines? Certainly not me. So I decided to write a few of my own. In keeping with The Onion’s style, some are a bit crass, but I hope such doesn’t take away from any humor [...]

June 27, 2016 Journalism/Communications, Reflections

My Father’s Day Story: Dynamite, the Army, and the Rural Mountains

It’s funny to learn about how the course of your life changed before you were even born. My grandfather, his brother, two cousins, and two friends were bored on Halloween 1959, so they decided to use dynamite to blow up [...]

June 19, 2016 History, Reflections, Travel & Culture

10 Essential Steps for Applying to Grad School


June 22, 2015 Reflections

Stephen King Quotes: My top 10 blueberries from ‘On Writing’

Photo of my copy — I recently wrapped up Stephen King’s 2001 “memoir of the craft” (better late than never, freshman English class.). In On Writing, the horror master offers the inside scoop about himself, how he climbed the ladder to literary [...]

April 28, 2015 Music & Arts, Reflections

My New Year’s Resolutions….from When I Was 5

Being home at the ‘rents house for the holidays is an annual immersion in nostalgia. Childhood photos on the walls. Boxes of preteen clothes in the closet. Maybe your old bedroom hasn’t been converted into a guestroom—yet. One item that [...]

January 1, 2015 History, Reflections

Jimmy John’s Delivery Drivers, Cyclists Are Danger to Public Safety

— Last night, I was driving on University Avenue about 6:30 p.m. to watch the UF basketball game against Southern Texas. As I was passing the campus on my left, a Jimmy John’s delivery bicyclist cut right in front of my [...]

December 13, 2014 Business, Reflections