Monday, August 15, 2022
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Truck Stop with McDonald’s to Replace Cracker Boys’ in Hawthorne

A Love’s truck stop and convenience store is set to replace the closed Cracker Boys’ Country Café on U.S. 301 in Hawthorne. [...]

July 2, 2014 Business, Travel & Culture

Wildlife Catalog: Dozens of Unique Critters

It took me a while, but I finally got all the mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and arthropods moved over from my old site. [...]

July 1, 2014 Nature & Wildlife, Photo

7 Photos That Prove German Dogs Are the Best Behaved

Whoa, is that dog not on a leash? That’s what I said at first during my recent trip to Germany, but I got used to it pretty quick. Actually, most German dogs don’t require leashes and just follow their owners about [...]

June 29, 2014 Nature & Wildlife, Travel & Culture

Hofbrauhaus, Munich Beer Hall, Discriminates Against People of Asian Appearance

I couldn’t believe it either. Hannah and I recently visited the south German city of Munich, and sadly, our most memorable experience is one of prejudice. One afternoon, we stopped by the Hofbrauhaus, perhaps the most well-known and historically intertwined beer hall [...]

June 26, 2014 Business, Travel & Culture

What Movie Is Being Filmed Here?

When I recently arrived at Hackerbrucke station in Munich by bus, I spotted the above shootout during a movie filming. Know what it might be? Please do tell me. It’s probably nothing high budget, but you never know: I could have captured [...]

June 22, 2014 Music & Arts

PHOTOS: WWII Battle Damage Remains in Berlin

— Berlin, Germany’s capital city and the second largest in the European Union by population with 3.5 million inhabitants, has visibly lifted itself out of the darkness of the past century. Restoration projects have repaired or rebuilt much of what Allied [...]

June 20, 2014 History, Travel & Culture